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We’re happy to announce a change that we believe you’ll love: the unlimited, Freedom Plan.

Everyone is automatically enrolled in the Freedom Plan. Now, you can create an unlimited number of tasks on the web, through email and via text messages. There is no fine print here and no gimmicks, just more of what you already love. And stay on the lookout for analytics, nested tasks, calendar integration, and more, coming out soon for power users.

Last month, we launched a cash rewards system, hoping that it would motivate users to get things done on time through cash rewards. After listening to the feedback we got from out customers, we decided to remove that feature, as it wasn’t creating the value that we envisioned it would have for our customers.

We appreciate your feedback and cotinued support, and would love to hear your thoughts on new features that would help you get more productive. And stay on the lookout for our iPhone and Mac applications coming out soon.



Andrei, Divesh, and the TaskUp Team

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After working on new ways to motivate users to get things done, we’re introducing Cash Rewards!

What is Cash Rewards?

In order to hold our customers accountable for their work and to get them to be more productive, TaskUp is financially incentivizing tasks that are completed on time and penalizing those that become overdue.

Why Cash Rewards?

Which task are you more likely to finish on time:

a) Sending a report to the company CEO or

b) Doing your laundry?

One of the biggest concerns that currently plagues people is that they are NOT incentivized to keep tracking progress on mundane tasks and checking-off the boxes on the to-dos. As a result, these tasks don’t get actioned for a long time and begin to pile up.

We believe it’s due to a lack of accountability and this sense of accountability is exactly what Cash Rewards aims to instill.

How does Cash Rewards work?

Every completed task is rewarded with $0.10 and every task that becomes ‘overdue’ is penalized at 3x the reward.

Tasks can be re-scheduled for a later date to avoid the penalty and late tasks are penalized just once.

For instance, creating 7 tasks in the morning that are due today and only end up completing 7 out of 8 tasks, then the day end balance would be $0.40.

In other words, you would get paid $0.40 that day to ensure you’re completing your tasks:

Completed Tasks: 7 * $0.10 = $0.70
Incomplete Tasks: 1 * $0.30 = $0.30
Day Total = $0.40

Assuming 20 business days on TaskUp, your total gain = $0.40 * 20 = $8/month

When does this take effect?

Cash Rewards is in effect starting 11th November 2012. Until then, no rewards or charges would be enforced, but users can see how their rewards balance changes over time and enter their payment information to activate the service early.

Accessing Cash Rewards

To support Cash Rewards, we’ve added 3 new elements:

1. Balance Tracker – Located in the bottom left corner, this provides most up-to-date account balance..

2. Settings > Rewards - Displays the dollar amount accrued for each task by week. Can browse history by choosing date.

3. Settings > Billing - Enter all billing information and view balance on the account.


We’re very excited to launch Cash Rewards, and we’ll make sure to post some videos and as we get closer to November 11th!

In the meantime, for any questions/concerns feel free to email us at [email protected]


Happy Tasking,

The TaskUp Team

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Task Management / To-do lists apps have risen in popularity over time as people continue to look for ways to stay organized and increase productivity. As opposed to the traditional paper post-it or to-do list, information can often be accessed from anywhere (phone, web, native app) and data can more easily be analyzed.

Right through college (and even now at a 9-5 job), we favored the paper-based to-do list, but with the upsides mentioned above, we decided to try a bunch of task management apps to see whether we could make the switch and realized we kept having a few concerns with each one:
1) Some app UI’s are very clunky and non-intuitive.
2) Completing tasks despite entering them in the app.
3) Expensive (~$20/month) subscription models for the good ones.

Concerns #1 and #3 are design and pricing problems, and could be solved by producing a cleaner design and lowering the price respectively ($5/month for a simple and intuitive app?). However, concern #2 has not been addressed till date. We’ve been pondering a solution that would get us to more consistently stay on top of the things that we have to finish and the one idea that jumped out was some form of daily and continuous incentives. Users are currently NOT incentivized to keep tracking progress and checking-off the boxes on the to-dos they complete and to keep creating to-do for new tasks.

After contemplating the idea of task-based incentives, here’s the strategy we propose:
1. monetary rewards the customers upon timely task completion and
2. penalties when tasks become ‘overdue’.

Every completed task is rewarded with $0.10 and every task that becomes ‘overdue’ is penalized at 3x the reward.

For instance, if you create 7 tasks in the morning that are due today and only end up completing 7 out of 8 tasks, then the day end balance would be $0.40. In other words, you would get paid $0.40 that day to ensure you’re completing your tasks:
Completed Tasks: 7 * $0.10 = $0.70
Incomplete Tasks: 1 * $0.30 = $0.30
Day Total = $0.40
(Considering 20 business days,) Total customer gain = $0.40 * 20 = $8/month

Question 1: Would you use a task management app that has a simple and intuitive workflow, incentivizes you with $$$ to get shit done, and has NO monthly subscription fees?

Question 2: As far as the reward/punishment multiplier, the 3x multiplier is just a starting point. We’re also exploring a self sustainable model in which incomplete task dollars are used to reward completed tasks. Also, instead of community redistribution, we could also base the multiplier on the amount of money that the user him/herself has given to us, giving customers a chance to make up more money faster as they get more behind on tasks, motivating them to get on track faster.

Question 3: Are there any downsides to the revenue model proposed whereby our best case is when our users have all incomplete tasks and lose a bunch of money? We are looking this from an ethical lens, and a long-term company strategy.

Preventing misuse:
Case 1: What if users create hundreds of tasks and just check off tasks to cash in without actually being more productive?
We could limit rapid fire task creation to a few tasks per minute.
Some backend NLP process would assign a spammer rank to new tasks, allowing us to temporarily suspend rewards if we believe the customer is just trying to game the system.

Case 2: Even so, users could easily make hundreds of dollars each week if they just create tasks and check them off at regular intervals. How would you prevent that?
We could cap weekly rewards to around $10/month and penalties to $20/month.

Some parting thoughts:
We recognize that the task management app space appears “saturated” and customer loyalty is very low. I mean, what keeps you coming to your task list right now? Paying a monthly subscription?
As a YC alum said last month at a conference at MIT, “some spaces are saturated because there is a lot of opportunity there.”
With 250+ companies in a low user loyalty space implementing several different features sets and subscription models, and no particular leader in the market, I see a tremendous opportunity in this space!
Motivating people to get shit done with cash rewards just might do the trick.
What does the community think?

Sign up for a TaskUp account at

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How Taskup was conceptualized has already been uncovered in our first blog post! We wanted to shed some more light on the team and its dedication to Taskup!

Our situation

Boston is a young, vibrant city that has a ton to offer from delicious local beer (Sam Adams, Harpoon) to Ancient  Museums with some crazy history dating back some 200+ years! Amongst all this craziness, are 2 yuppies who work crazy hours (80+/week sometimes) during their full-time jobs and are roommates for a 3rd year running  thanks to their sketchy craigslist first meet back in Aug 2010!

Why we are so invested?

While we do have our fun in the city, and are fully focused on our full-time gigs,  we’re very committed to TaskUp because what started as a small project, has now become an integral part in our lives as it continues to enhance our  productivity. Here’s my (graphically represented) personal story from 8/1/2012 – 10/10/2012:

The End Goal

Whether you are a college student, a 9-5 professional or a Barista, we want to see a similar spike in your productivity. We are working on finishing development of our “secret sauce” and we aim to have it ready by 11/1 at the latest.

Definitely exciting times ahead, and stay tuned because we will be announcing some major enhancements to our service!

As always, thanks for reading and Happy Tasking!


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To get started, sign up at

The TaskUp team has been heads-down in Boston working on making TaskUp more awesome, so we thought we’d provide you a quick update!

Overall: 2 new features, a new blog & a whole lot of bug fixes & UI enhancements!

1. Tasks by Email

Tired of having work/friend’s emails just sit in your mailbox?
TaskUp now allows you to turn your emails into tasks for yourself and your co-workers & friends!

Ever find yourself wishing you could transform incoming emails into tasks, automatically?
You can now add up to 5 additional email addresses through which you can receive tasks in your account.
That’s more than plenty for all your personal and work email accounts!

- To create a task for yourself:
Reply or Forward the email to/cc/bcc ‘[email protected]

- To Create a task for someone else:
Reply or Forward the email to the person e.g. [email protected] and cc/bcc: [email protected]
Note: The subject of the email becomes the ‘Task Name’ and the email content appears in the ‘Notes’

To get set up, sign in, click on the Settings icon in the bottom left corner of TaskUp, and enter your additional email addresses in the “Incoming Tasks” tab.

2. Tasks by Text Message (SMS)

As we continue to develop our mobile apps, we wanted to give our users an alternate way to get their tasks in on the go.
Enter task by Text Message!

To get set up, sign in, click on the Settings icon in the bottom left corner of TaskUp, and enter your cell phone number in the “Incoming Tasks” tab.
Once set up, text (617) 300-0437 with your tasks and they will be automatically created in your inbox!

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This is our first blog post so thank you for reading! Over the past 3 months, the team has been heads down in Boston getting out features and performing critical bug fixes so that our users have a phenomenal experience.

We wanted to catch you guys up on our journey thus far, because one of our mission statements as defined on our homepage is that, “we’ll grow with you”


TaskUp started as a side-project when one of the co-founders was searching for an application to stay organized and get things done. After browsing through tens of “leading” task management applications, there wasn’t a single one that was a good fit. His three criteria for adoption were:

1)   An intuitive and simple workflow

2)   Give users a stake in the tasks created

3)   Not getting in the way and adapting to the user’s workflow

After identifying a few gaps in the current GTD app space, he discussed the opportunities his roommate and together TaskUp was conceptualized. *

Norming & Storming

Despite the excitement of potentially being one step closer to a unique product, we did our due diligence in surveying and understanding our market. Thereafter, we discussed the application in detail and drew out a few blueprints of how we thought it could work. After several weeks of development, and although a lot more work, we launched the alpha version on Aug 20th. The response was much unexpected, as we had nearly 6000+ unique visits in our first week:

Expecting users to enjoy the simplicity of our alpha app, we were thrilled by the overwhelming response! However, what we were even more pleased with was the feedback and criticism we received, which in turn has helped us get to where we are today.


We formed, normed, stormed and finally hit top gear after our beta. From a simple task management application with a semi-concrete roadmap, we’ve been able to tackle several problems plaguing the space and in the process built an industry leading GTD app that maintains simplicity.

So, what about that incentive?

As previously mentioned, we want our users to be fully immersed and with a stake in the tasks he/she creates and have come up with a method to do exactly that. We’re continuing to work on our “secret sauce” and are probably a month or so away from rolling it out. We’ll keep you posted as we continue to make progress.

Next Steps

While we implement our “killer feature”, we’re continuing to further enhance user experience in other areas and are always looking for feedback. We’re very excited to be revolutionizing this space, and hope you join us on this journey!

Thanks for reading and Happy Tasking!